Swill 'n' Grill Bistro


Welcome to The Gunyah Hotel.

Spoil yourself with a serene lakeside meal at Gunyah Hotel's award-winning Swill 'n' Grill restaurant. With our all-encompassing menu featuring something to satisfy anyone's taste buds, we provide a dining experience that is exactly what you crave.

Sink your teeth into a juicy steak cooked your way and served with your choice of side, or pick from our selection of vegetarian options. Vegetarians and meat lovers alike are welcome into our one-of-a-kind dining facility.

Seafood lovers can rejoice with their choice of the ocean's finest oysters, served either Natural, Kilpatrick, or Mornay style. You won't find a finer catch than the top-quality, fresh oysters at Swill 'n' Grill.

Gluten free? Look no further! Every steak on the menu is gluten free, and if steak is not your forte, that is alright too. Swill 'n' Grill offers a mouth-watering selection of gluten-free dishes to accommodate guests' varying dietary requirements. Check out the gluten-free Creamy Garlic Prawns or the gluten-free Maple Glazed Atlantic Salmon to treat your taste buds to something they will not soon forget. At Gunyah Hotel, everyone at the table fully enjoys their dining experience regardless of dietary restrictions or age.

Speaking of age, children enjoy access to our special kids menu, featuring several kid-friendly options, each including FREE ice cream. Choices such as the chicken nuggets, fish and chips, or pizza bread are perfect for little tummies.

Wash down your meal with the day's mind-blowingly delectable desserts. Dessert options vary, so ask our friendly staff what delicious options are available at the time of your visit.
After satisfying your taste buds, finish off the day with Gunyah's wide range of entertainment options designed to ensure you enjoy every minute of your stay. On one of four plasma TVs, you are sure to find something to kick back and watch while you finish digesting your meal. Or if you'd rather, wind down with a karaoke session, trivia match, or poker game. Whatever your idea of a good time, Gunyah's got ya covered.

Open 7 days a week, Swill 'n' Grill is ready whenever you are. Stop by any time!

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